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    Help with IF and Substr(), hex()

      Hi I want to create an IF similar to this one but it show anerror if I use this one don’t know


      I want to use this expression if the date <= '01/08/2007'(Substr(hex(Substr(TX_LINE_ITEMS,101,9)) andthis other (Substr(hex(Substr(TX_LINE_ITEMS,200,9)),1,15)) if date >'01/08/2007'


      Table1:load *,if( Date_Transaction <= Date#('01/08/2007'), (Substr(hex(Substr(TX_LINE_ITEMS,101,9)),1,15)),
                 (Substr(hex(Substr(TX_LINE_ITEMS,200,9)),1,15)))as TX_Item
      Resident Table1;drop Table Table1;


      I will appreciate your help.