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    Mapping an IntervalMatch Help Please!

    Peter Brunner

      Hi All,
      I need to bounce this off a fresh set of eyes!


      1) First issue is the EndDate keeps reverting to a Num Date why?


      2) I have a Script which is using Interval Match with Extended Syntax and mapping

      CostTable with Start, End Dates and NewCosts and a Salestable with a InvDate.


      I had to use Previous and order by to clean up the EndDate but you will see in example.


      When I trying to Map the NewCost price field it seems I can only get the Lowest or Highest dates to Map.


      I have attached an Example Qvd File 
      the Orange Colored table has a SalesCost field at end of table
      also I have created a Straight table 'Green' with a expression to calc NewCost*Qty field which works?


      I have missed something in my script?

      any help appreciated
      regards Peter