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    QV server

      We are using QV 9 server.We uploaded a QV file with data in server. but we were not able to see data in the dashboard wen we access from  in the access point.But when we open the QV file in the server using QV desktop the data is available in tat file.

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          it is up to the authorization settings; if QV is configured to use NTFS authorization and AD for authentication, you should open folder with  QV document on the server using Windows File Explorer, open Property Window of the document and in Security tab add user (or group) that should access this QV document. Assign to that user Read&Execute permission and log on AccessPoint again.



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            Jaspal Singh

            Check by setting anonymous login in QlikView Server setting, if you are able to see the data then do the same steps as Kruosalv replied.