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    Union or case statement on a dimension at report level



      Here is the output of the report I would like to achieve.

      Region column has only values EMEA and NOAM. Region = 'EMEA InsideSales' is a value that I derive when Condition A=1 and ProductGeneration= (4,5) and Region = EMEA and Region = 'EMEA External' when Condition A=0 and ProductGeneration = (4,5) and Region = EMEA.

      EMEA ALL is when no filter is applied ( i.e Condition A = (1,0) and ProductGeneration=1,2,3,4,5  and Region = EMEA )..so EMEA ALL is NOT equal to EMEA InsideSales + EMEA External.


      RegionQTD Opty UnitsQTD Renewal Units
      EMEA InsideSales10030
      EMEA External5025
      EMEA -ALL200100
      NOAM InsideSales150100
      NOAM External200160
      NOAM ALL375350

      Any help is appreciated.