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    phantom objects in qlik web view

      Hi All,

      I'm mamaging a QLik 10 Enterprise server with publisher.

      We have about 1500 users, but only 50 concurrent users.


      Newly I released some new application versions.

      Since then some users (not so many) calling me that they see some objects double in access point.

      According to screenshots they see some objects in former and new coordinates on page.

      I though that I created some personal or server objects from the previous version.

      But I cannot find any objects on server.

      The object they see double exists only once on the original application tab in a container box.

      I let them de-install plug-in, delete cache and re-install plug.in.

      Nothing has been changed.

      Do you have any idea how can I or the user himself delete such objects ?


      thanks in advance