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    Filter raw data in Pivot/Charts


      Since last 1week, I m extensively using Qlikview for our organization dashboards. I have prior experience in MS/BO/CR reporting solutions.

      A basic functionality....filter the data based on some criteria....is this available in Qlikview???


      I have a baisc requirement...irrespective of my other selections....i want to display data only for Yesterday (i.e. select data where date=today-1)


      A brief of dimensions available (PO_NUM, RCPT_NUM, TRNS_DATE). I want to display all PO_NUMs and RCPT_NUMs where TRNS_DATE=Yesterday.


      I have tried using conditions in Dimensions (i.e. if(TRNS_DATE<=today() and TRNS_DATE>=vYesterday,TRNS_DATE)