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    Get a count of open claims based on an independent date dimension

    Ismael Villegas II

      Qlikview users,


      I am completely stumped on this problem that I am working on. I have a table with a claim number column, open date and close date column. Let’s say that for this example I have a month’s worth of data starting Jan 1st. I want to show in a graph the number of claims that are open on a particular date. Creating a pivot table with a count function as the expression and the open date as the dimension odiously will give me claims open one day one, let’s say 200 claims. If the next day Jan 2 we opened 100 claims for an accumulated total of 300 claims, out of those claims 50 were closed how can I show that a total of 250 are open on Jan 3.

      I have a feeling this may be easier than I am thinking but I completely lost and dont even know if this is possible in qlikview.


      Thank you,