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    Need % calculation based on field total wise



      I  taken 3 dimensions and 6 expressions in pivot table.My requirement is to show the %calculation based on the field total wise it is in 1st dimension.

      I taken expression is

      sum({$<YEAR = {$(=max(YEAR))}, MONTH = {"<=$(=max({<YEAR={$(=max(YEAR))}>} MONTH))>$(=max({<YEAR={$(=max(YEAR))}>} MONTH)-1)"},ClosingStock={'>0'}>}  IF(AHC_CallDate = MAXDATE_CHECK, ClosingStockInCase))


      it is showing correct value,but i want to show this value in %,based on the total of one field

      ex:-  value=186.12, i want to divide this value with field total i.e.,35007.32


      requirement= (186.12/35007.32)*100

                      = 0.53%


      i am having 4fiels in 1 dimension,i want to show this calculations for different values.