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    Mekko graph help

      Hi, here is my problem :


      I have an history of product orders.

      Each entry has :

                                   - the delta between the order and the product delivery date

                                   - the type of product ordered

                                   - order id


      I would like a Mekko graph showing the share of product type for specific ranges of delta.

      The differents range would be :

                                                   D>7 : Products which were delivered after 7 days or more.

                                                   D=6 : Products which were delivered after 6 days.


                                                   D=0 : Products which were delivered the days of the order.


      I successfully made the opposite, range as y-axis and product type as x-axis.

      But I would like range as x-axis and product type as y-axis.


      Any idea ?