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    map chart

      I wanted to know if there's any other way to create a map chart with Qlikview?
      Users adviced me to either go on QV9 examples and to load the map provided, or to download the extension called Idevio.

      But as I have the QV11 version, I can't load the map example, and the Idevio extension is really interesting but has unfortunately an expiration date after which it isn't free anymore.



      Any idea ?
      Thanks very much



        • map chart

          Could someone help me with basic step to load a google map in Qlikview v11

            • map chart
              Dennis Hoogenboom

              Hi Nico,


              When you install QV10 there are some examples in your program files map

              fe C:\Program files\Qlikview\Examples\Documents (depending on where you installed it)


              There is one with the name "What is new in Qlikview11"

              This one has a Example of on the tab Customers.


              Good luck,