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    Displaying images from database field (Access OLE objects)

      I am trying to display images (I tried PNG first then BMP) dynamically from a database table.


      Imagine I have this "Country" table with the following fields :

      - Name_Country // The textual name
      - ImgFlag_Country // An image of the flag

      - Population_Country // A number representing the population


      When I try to display ImgFlag_Country in a textbox (with the representation setting set to : Image)

      nothing appears at all, even when i select a country which HAS an image in the database


      What did I do wrong?


      I am using MS Access, and the image field is an OLE Object field
      I looked at this thread : http://community.qlik.com/message/130715#130715


      I tried many different things in the script, including this : (but I never got it to work)


      Country: INFO LOAD `Name_Country`, `ImgFlag_Country`, `Population_Country`; SQL SELECT * FROM Country;

      Please note that I am using QV Personal Edition, I cannot open qvw files or I will loose my license on my current dashboard