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    Different CPU behavior for same document / different computer

    Karl Pover

      We have a simple table object that involves generating a large about of lines.  The object takes about 1-2 min to generate in a 4-core 4 GHz desktop, but takes about 1-2 hours to generate in a 8-core 2 GHz server.  I understand that the 8-core machine is going to be slower because they are slower CPU's and alot is lost in the overhead communication between the cores, but the adminstrator observed the the 4-core desktop will use 100% of its CPU to generate the object and the 8-core server starts briefly at 100% and then stays at 40% usage of its CPU for the 1-2 hours it takes to generate the object. 


      This type of behavior can be good or bad, but is there a logical reason on the QV side or the hardware side that explains this behavior?