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    Count in Line Graph counting incorrectly

      What did I do wrong here?  I have a list of activities with start dates 10/12/12 through 11/12/12.  When I ask the chart to count the starts on each date, it staggers the graph.  There should be only one data point between days, but for some reason it waves.  Any body got an idea on this one?







        • Count in Line Graph counting incorrectly
          Stefan Wühl

          Your BL Start is still a timestamp. You formatted the field as date (without time), but the internal representation still keeps the time (check the numerical representation e.g. by adding an expression num([BL Start]) to a list box with BL Start.)


          Try creating a real date by applying daystart() to your field, maybe like




          Date(daystart([(*)Start]),'DD.MM.YYYY') as [BL Start],



          Hope this helps,