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    How to qualify a String?

    Peyman Azimabadi

      Hi all,

      i have a string field, let's assume 'Name':


      Name         Age

      Tobias      20

      Richard     23


      i wnat to use the concatenated Names in FOR...EACH...NEXT control.

      my code looks like :


      LOAD concat( Name , ',' ) as conNames

      FROM ......

      LET ConNames = Peek( 'conNames' );


      result is :



      but this doesn't work in FOR...EACH. i need something like:



      i tried :

      LOAD concat( '''' & Name & '''' , ',' ) as conNames

      but it doesn't work and i get error when runing script. i need a way to qualify the string value of Name with '.


      Thank you all