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    Text Object - pop up with filters

    Carlos Duque



      I was wondering how to create a button / text object that does a similar function like "View all Filters" under demo "Order and Inventory Management"

      and allow me to add my selection on the pop up.






      any help will be greatly appreciated!

        • Text Object - pop up with filters
          Erich Shiino


          This is a nice example! ... but the pop up is more a trick than a feature.

          Basically, there are some objects on the top of the regular dashboard but they are invisble. When you click on a button, a variable is set ( vViewAllFilters_On =1) and the objects appear.


          There is one big white textbox with 40-50% transparency that does not let you click on the objects below.

          Then, there is one smaller white opaque text box which is 'pop-up' or the background of some list boxes.

          This set of objects is present in all the sheets.

          The x button that closes the popup reset the variable to 0 and all this objects become invisible.


          Hope this helps,