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    Can anyone help me to use time in calculations?



      I am tryin to calculate average productivity per minute.


      for example, an employee ships 15 parcels in 90 minutes, his "productivity" is one shipment per 6 minutes.


      Everything works perfectly, until the minutes exceed 1,000.


      The data I am importing shows minutes worked in minutes and seconds, e.g 455:30 is 455 minutes and 30 seconds. 


      My expression  TIME SPENT / UNITS shipped gave a stange result ,but I fixed it by multiplying the TIME SPENT by 24. Now everything is accurate EXCEPT when the minutes are greater than 1,000 in which case  I get a "no data to display message"


      I am sure that ther emust be a simple solution but I have been unable to find it yet.


      Thanks for your help.



        • Can anyone help me to use time in calculations?
          Stefan Wühl

          I assume that you have an issue with interpreting your thousand separator, assuming that your minutes field is formatted like '1,000'. Or I have misunderstood your posting. How do you read in the fields and how do you transform your fields then?


          Could you post your load statement used here in the forum or a small sample app?

            • Re: Can anyone help me to use time in calculations?

              Here is an example depicting the same situation:


              From NHL .com statistics


              When selecting a player from the player list such as Anthony Stewart, ES TOI (even stregth Time on Ice 596 minutes everything works perfectly. I see the productivity (minutes of ice time per goal scored and effectiveness minutes of ice time per goal allowed.


              the expresions I use are = [ES TOI]*24/ESGF   and [ES TOI] *24 / ESGA


              When I select a player like Brandon Sutter who has 1196 minutes of ice time ÈS TOI] the boxes with the calculated fileds indicate that there is no data to display.


              I appreciate of your assistance.


              Best regards,




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