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    Very slow access and long query run time , but only for some users

      Hi All,

      My Qlik server will be accessed by about 1500 users. Most of them can access the applications and after making selections they get charts actualized in an acceptable time.

      Access rights in access point are controlled through LDAP user groups.

      2 weeks ago we changed the ldap server domain. The users should login with the new domain and this was ok for almost all users.

      Only problem was the stored logins in credential manager. But we just let delete the stored qlik server login from credential manager.


      But some of them have since then a very slow Qlik access and very long query runs.

      They have to wait about 6 min so that a chart has been actualized after new selections.


      Is there anything I can check ?

      How Qlik server manages LDAP access rights ?

      LDAP groups are only for access point document list.

      Is it possible that a user should login after every click in application due to some strange settings ?


      I will be very thankfull for any feedback/answer.