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    Report with predefined selection

    Kjetil Kleppe

      Is it possible to make a report which contains a predefined set of selections? One way to solve this is to make a selection and bookmark it. The user must then first select the bookmark, and then print or save the report. Another solution is to make hidden sheets with objects which only contains the wanted selections, and then build the report with these objects.


      For example if I want to create a report with a set of productgroups (productgroup A, productgroup C, productgroup F) and a set of customergroups (customergroup D, customergruoup H, customergroup J) and the report will always have this groups, can I then somehow (in an easy way) assign this selection to the report (not using bookmarks or hidden sheets)?
      How can this then be done?

        • Report with predefined selection
          Fernando Obara Suzuki

          you specifically typed 'without using bookmarks', but I think that your requirement aloows you to use a bookmark:

          1. create a bookmark with your set of selections

          2. in the report editor, go to Report Settings > Selections > Bookmark > Select the bookmark you created in the previous step


          by doing this, every time the user opens the report, it will use the bookmark.


          (Sorry if I didn't understand your question...)




            • Report with predefined selection
              Kjetil Kleppe

              Hi, thx, that worked, but doesn't solve my problem completely. The user will make this report personally for each salesperson (so each salesperson only sees their numbers), and must also be able to select a period (which ofcourse will vary). Now I cant select period or only one salesperson. Is it possible to solve this too?

                • Report with predefined selection

                  For the predefind selection i thing trigger is the best way for the report selection on day month whatever u want .

                  you need to set the trigger on action event and you can esaily found the selection on report as per your requirement.


                  for example: if you want selection Date,Month,Year on report you can create trigger like this


                  Right click on sheet->Properties->Triggers->AddAction->Action->Add->selection->selection in Field->ok->Field(Year)>String(2011)>Ok



                  Note:-In place of field you have to give field name which selection you want.

                          In place of String you have to give field value as per your requirement.



                  you can create more than one trigger as like this on another field value.



                  hope using this method your problem will be solved