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    Can Publisher do Email Distribution to Windows Security Group ?

      We are running publisher V10 and currently distributing PDF documents via Email.  Our past practice has been to select the windows users who should receive the email explicitly.  This has become a management nightmare as you can probably appreciate.  We had setup distribution groups in windows hoping they would be visible (similar to users) and we could email to them.  They are not visible to the enterprise manager so this is not possible.  We then setup a security group and this IS visibible and IT IS possible to distribute the file to disk based on the securiuty group permissions.  We ideally want to email to this securiuty group (aka all its members)  which from the AD side seems to indicate we need to mail enable" the security group.  The hopes are that Qlikview would recognize this and distribute via email as well.


      Unfortunately we do not have the ability to modify the "mail enable" property of our  security groups, and must request this of our Corporate Overlords.  As you can appreciate, they don't want to upset the applecart or respond to making changes to our system, unless there is definitive proof this will work.


      I'm hoping someone can respond with their use of this feature within Qlikview (and AD environment), and any configuration examples that may be useful.


      Thanks in advance,



        • Can Publisher do Email Distribution to Windows Security Group ?
          Bill Britt

          Have not tried this in a couple of years, but in the past yes. There is one catch, the group most have an email address. It will not resolve to the users emails in the group. So, I know of no other way to do this.

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              Thanks.  This was a fear since the two elements are separate configurations on the security group.  There is a flag to enable email distribution which documentation suggests emails to "all the members" of a security group.  Useful in a windows environment if you want to notify members of  changes to their environment or perhaps a system outage etc.  There also appears to be an email address which you can also apply to the security group.  Presumably this is an addition or overrides the emails of the existing group members.  Our challenge here will be basically setting our users up as an email distribution group and then trying to attach the distribution group as the email address for the security group.  That is unless you can apply multiple email address to the security group.  I would suspect that first we would have to configure the security group to be email enabled, and also now apply an email address (hopefully a distribution group) to that and Qlikview publisher would work.


              You info was helpful.  Thanks,  Mike.

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              As outlined by Bill, in the application you define a field and store the email address in this field.  In this case we loaded a field _DISTRICT_EMAIL with email addresses for each district manager.  The publisher then loops thru the reports and sends the report to each district manager.  What is not shown is that there is a field DISTRICT which is linked to _DISTRICT_EMAIL so that we are actually looping thru each district, creating a unique district report, and emailing it to the district manager.  All works like a charm.  We had to choose "No validation" because the emails we SMTP address not AD authenticated addresses which if you look at my question and other posts was the original problem.