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    No totals in Bar chart

      First, I have read the help files and searched the forum but cannot find the simple answer to what should be a simple solution. Pretty easy. I have a bar chart showing data in %, the total is of course 100% and I want to show the total at the bottom of the bar chart.

      At one point I thought I had this "toggle" working, but now no matter what I do I cannot get the total to show at the bottom of the chart. Driving me crazy. I thought it was under Presentation, and "show total label" but it's a no go. No matter what I do I cannot get the total bar to show at the bottom. And I can't find anything in the forum or the help file that tells me why this isn't working.

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        • No totals in Bar chart
          Hector Muñoz

          HI, use chart properties/Presentation/Show Total, is this what are you looking for?



          • No totals in Bar chart

            How are you displaying the total, chart properties - presentation - checking the box "show total" (label).


            By default the total will appear at the bottom

              • No totals in Bar chart

                That's exactly what I did. Went to Properties/Presentation/ and checked the box titled "show total" but nothing happens. While the selection is available, checking and unchecking "show total" does absolutely nothing. Thanks in advance for anyone's insight into this. Makes no sense at all. It should show the total at the bottom of the bar chart. But it does not.

                  • No totals in Bar chart

                    Will you load the graph?

                      • No totals in Bar chart

                        Sorry, do you mean a snapshot of the actual graph? That should be above in my first post in this thread. It's a simple bar chart that tracks number of support tickets written over a period of time. In this case, MTD [11/09]. In the graph it shows the data correctly, telling me that 43.8% were written by support in this time period, and so on down the queue or category. The totals work out to 100%, but displaying the total at the bottom of the chart doesn't work. There is a variable in the chart [lower left icon] that is a simple toggle between % and total number of tickets per category. But total doesn't work for the number of tickets written or the % written.

                        I know that I am using the correct section of the design tools when I go to Properties, Presentation, and show label. At least that is how you're supposed to do it, confirmed by some other QV reports I've seen and compared this to, and the few comments here who tell me to do what I've already tried. So I guess to rephrase the question is what would prevent the totals from showing once the "Show Total" is checked? Thanks for the help. This one has me stumped and I can't be the only person who has had this happen.