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    QVServer integration with a Desktop app

      I couldn't find a forum that seems to address the topic of integrating QVServer into a desktop application so I am posting my question here.


      If there is a more appropriate forum, please let me know.


      I would like to build a desktop application that, among other things, accesses and displays and interacts with qvw files on a QlikView Server/Publisher installation much in the manner that QlikView Desktop allows access to server supplied qvw files.


      SInce the QV Desktop can do it ... I know it is possible. I just am not sure where to find the appropriate APIs and objects.


      What do I use within my application?


      Do I install an instance of the QlikView OCX in a child window and use OCX APIs to communicate to the QlikView Server?


      Any pointers to appropriate QV documentation would be appreciated.