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    Display HTML (as if displayed in a browser) in List Boxes?

      I am pulling some data from a database that has some descriptions which have HTML tags wrapped around them. Rather than showing the user the tags I would like for it to display as if run through a browser. Is that possible? I did read another post about using "regexp" which seemed to imply that it could be used to strip the tags. That might get real messy and I would really prefer a browser look as a more user friendly option. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

        • Display HTML (as if displayed in a browser) in List Boxes?

          I thought maybe I would attack this from a different angle and created a JavaScript function that I could call to strip the HTML elements:


          function stripHTML(theText)
          theText = replace(theText,'<html><body>','');
          theText = replace(theText,'</body></html>','');
          theText = replace(theText,'<br>',chr(10)&chr(13));
          return theText;


          However when I attach this function into an expression associated with an action button I get a "failed to launch" error message. Seems to test out okay. Should this be doable????