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    Select Field :Select item group and get all the value of the linked items

      Hello everyone,


      I am using qlikview since a few weeks now and I am currently confronting a case I cannot solve.

      I have a product table where all my products a grouped by category. Each category has a linked category. Here is a example:

      Product Category Link

      A           1             9

      B           1             9

      C           2             0

      D           9             0

      E           9             0


      And each products has sales quantity in another table

      Product     Quantity

      A               2

      B               5

      C               4

      D               6

      E               3


      I would like to present a pivot table why show the product category quantity but also the the linked category quantity:


      Category     QuantityCat     QuantityLinked

      1                    7 (5+2)           9 (6+3)

      2                    4                    -

      9                    9                    -



      I tried different method like using Hierarchy function or P() but it does not work.


      Does anyone have an idea ?



      Thanks for your help