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    Session control

      Currently even on QV10 a user is able to open more than one session of a QlikView document or Model on same computer.

      This often affects the system performance. Is there a setting that is able to force only one session of a document to be open per user on same machine?

      If a session of a document is open the setting should prevent same document session to be open to run concurrently.

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          ajeet tomer

          Hi, Yes, It is.


          Solutin is: Open Qlikview Management Cosole --- Click System  ---- Setup ---- Management services - Qlikview servers --- Performance -- go to sessions -- (Reduce)maximum no of concurrent sesions. by default it is 5000.

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              I will confirm if this works. Thanks

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                  Thanks qlikviewajeet for your feedback but this does not solve the problem, this solution only applies to server session access. I am talking about an enterprise environment where Qlikview document is distributed thru the server to client environment. I want to limit to just a single session of the document to run per client environment. A users should be able to open a session only at a time on their computer. 20 users can be accessing the document at a time but ONLY ONE session of the document should be opened per user environment....

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                      ajeet tomer

                      go to system-setup-directory service connector - custom directory

                      path as custom

                      username as custom



                      Documents -  userdocuments - authorization


                      click on  add Recipients

                      and provide directory/username like as custom\ajeet


                      and then assigned CALs


                      click on the Document CALs tab, set the number  as "Assigned Document CALs to this document", and assign users in the form DOMAIN\USERNAME in each document.

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                  Was this confirmed as working? I cannot seem to follow the steps laid out here properly.