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    Calculate Dimension Total as Percentage of Grand Total

      I'm very much a Qlikview newbie, trying to display a chart showing the relationship between two values, lets call them Sales Volume vs Sales Value.


      I have a list of 6 widgets


      Widget A45000
      Widget B67000
      Widget C36000
      Widget D52000
      Widget E1012000
      Widget F814000


      I want the user to select a widget, and my chart to display a bar for Volume and Value.  However since Volume and Value are on massively different scales, they won't make much sense beside each other


      What I want to show instead is volume a as a percentage of total and value as a percentage of the total value.  So when the user selects Widget A, the Volume chart will show 4/36 =~ 0.11.  For Volume it would show 5000/46000 =~ 0.11 (that was an accident, but you get my point).  The implication (I think) being that Widget A's selling price per unit is roughly the same as the average across all units.


      Obviously Sum etc. functions will only sum values for the selected Widget, something that will let me take the value for the selected widget and divide it by the total for all widgets.


      I get the impression Qlikview wasn't really intended to work with data that's summarised already in this way, but Is this possible?