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    Load date after date with loop function

    Henco van Ee

      Dear QlikView hobbyists ,


      Could anybody please explain to me how to load data date after date. I need to do this because I use the Google Analytics API which doesn't allows me to load more then X records per hour. So, when I am able to create a loop, I can load my data from 01-01-2009 - Today. Between each date I will use the sleep function, so I don't load to much rows per hour.


      I uploaded an excel file to make clear what I mean. At first I would like to load the 1e of April, then use the sleep function. After that I would like to run the same script again, but at that time for the 2e of April. I read the help on this, but unfortunately can't perform it. I hope anyone of you can help me out.