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    Reloading from Excel files issue

    Nate Hallquist

      Good afternoon-  I'm kind of at a loss with this issue, so I am hoping to get some help from the community. 


      We have a QV deployment on a Windows server that is running great.  The data files are stored on a different Server that is a Unix/Linux box (can't recall which at this time).  Up until now, the data files are .txt files and they are accessed and processed just fine.  Recently, we added to the mix some Excel files.  Ever since then, the reloads fail.  We have replicated the permissions as needed and it still fails.  Here is what our testing has proven.


      When QVS tries to access the Excel files in their original location on the U/L box, the refresh fails.  When we move the Excel files to the same folder as the currently used .txt files (also on the U/L box), the refresh fails.  If we comment out the Excel file part of the load script, the load succeeds.  If we move the Excel files to the local Windows server, the load succeeds.  As mentioned above, I have double checked the permissions, and they should be the same (effectively) as the local windows machine and as the folder that holds the .txt files that successfully reload.


      Here is my question....  Since this is a Non-Windows box, and it does not have any sort of Excel application installed, is that causing the refresh to fail? Like I mentioned earlier, we have verified permissions, and the data structure of the file and everything else I can think of.  Has anyone else run accross this issue, seen something like this before or even heard of anything like this?  Any ideas on what I might be missing would be great.


      Thanks all and maybe we'll catch up at Qonnections...

        • Reloading from Excel files issue
          Andrew Hudson



               Can you reload it using QlikView Desktop client instead of reloading from server?


               So that when the reload fails, it may throw some errors which will be very useful to solve this issue.


               Also I would recommend to enable the generate log file option in the Document Properties of the qvw file.


               It will be easy to identify what and where is the exact failing occurs.



          Andrew Hudson

          • Reloading from Excel files issue
            Nate Hallquist

            Yeah, so we can run the reload manually, and it works fine.  However, when we run it using the Management consile, or on a schedule, it fails.  Here is the log entry why:


            4/16/2012 10:24:40 AM:       Error: Cannot open file 'F:\fmkr_excel\DSR.xlsx' The system cannot find the path specified.


            F is a mapped drive.  I can manually browse to the drive when I log in, and I can open the file, but because Excel is not installed on any of the machines, it opens in NotePad and looks like gobble-dee-gook.  I did copy the data locally and opened it with Excel and the data and layout of data looked 100% correct.  The odd part is that the QV Service account is a Domain account, and We use it to log in AND run the server.  So one would think that if I log into the server and can do everything manually, when the services run the reload, they should all work as well.  That is the odd part, this only fails when QVS tries to reload the file.  By the way, the File we are refreshing is just a QVD generator.


            I also checked the Services, they are all set to log in with the QlikView account correctly, they are all running in the Windows snap-in, and they are all running without issue account to the QMC. 


            Any thoughts?

            • Reloading from Excel files issue
              Nate Hallquist

              ...One other thing.  I can only see the NTFS permissions on the Local server.  Our MSP has set permissions so I can't change the security on the rtargeted server.  I have to trust that they are setting the permissions according to our request.

              • Reloading from Excel files issue
                Nate Hallquist

                Thanks all for the help.  It turns out that we needed to use the fully Qualified Name.  Here was the weird part.  The account we use to log into the server is the same account that runs QVS.  One would think that if you can run it manually, using QVS would work as well, becuase, after all, it is the same account.  Apparently not, which does not completely suprise me.  It was also very helpful to turn on the log file option in the document.  The log files are not always as explicit, and the option to create a log file is often turned off by default and then forgotten.


                Again, thanks for all the help.

                • Re: Reloading from Excel files issue
                  Umashankar Tulsojirao Siddojirao

                  One more important note is to make sure the Excel workbook has been closed during the reload. Make sure all workbooks referenced by the qvw is not open or locked by any user.