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    Why is setTimeout() required when calling SelectTextsInColumn() ?

    Patrick Vinton

      Can anybody think why I would need to wait in order for the SelectTextsInColumn() function to work?


      For example, this does NOT work:

         _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(0, false, 'my selection');


      But when I wait 1ms, it works perfectly:

         setTimeout( function() { _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(0, false, 'my selection'); },1);



      As you can see in this example, all of the arguments for SelectTextsInColumn() are hard-coded, so I don't think my code has to wait for some other asynchronous operation to complete.


      Has anybody else seen this behavior?


      In case it helps, I am using javascript inside of an extension.


      Thanks in advance for your help!