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    can publisher do this?

    Amien Amien

      I have a Report in Qlikview (RP01) and want to loop though a certain dimension. For each dimension a PDF should be created. This is possible, but is this also possible in QMC (so without VB scripting)


      * give each pdf filename a unique filename, based on the selected dimension

      * add other variables in the filename? like datetime and value of another dimension

      * can i put each PDF in a different folder? based on the loop though dimension

      * Built in a trigger that creating of a PDF should only be done when SUM(Value) > 0


      Would like to know if this is possible and there to solve this in QMC. Don't need a full description, just hints


      Thanks in advanced

        • can publisher do this?
          Bill Britt

          No, this is not possible. The part that will get you is the folder renaming.

          • can publisher do this?
            Kjeld van Druten

            Apart from the comments of Bill Britt, you would also need PDF distribution as an add-on to the Publisher license. Just the Publisher license is not sufficient for PDF distribution.

              • Re: can publisher do this?
                Amien Amien

                Thanks Both.


                Kjeld, are you talking about the QlikView PDF Report Distribution license? Is that a seperate license key or does it need to be in the LEF code of the Publisher.


                i need to check what we have.


                I can do this all at this location? see screenshot.

                I dont see where i can make the output filename dynamic with fieldnames in it. Or is this where the PDF Report Distribution license comes in?


                Also don't see where i can do this : Built in a trigger that creating of a PDF should only be done when SUM(Value) > 0 (this value comes from the QVW itself)

                  • can publisher do this?
                    Kjeld van Druten

                    The PDF distribution is an add-on to the LEF. After you purchased the license you get an new serial and control number for the Publisher. The LEF will automatically be updated.


                    You can indeed configure a PDF task at the location you are showing but:

                    You are using the QMC (so you are using QV10 or lower). In order to create dynamic document names you need the QEMC: http://<servername>:4780/qemc

                    The QMC will has ceased to exist in QV11. Only the QEMC will continue to exist and to complete confusion they renamed it to QMC.


                    The trigger based on the data in the document is not something that can be done in a default task. Seem to me you have to trigger it using a macro.

                    Reports will only be created if values exist (to prevent empty reports), so maybe your problem is solved automatically.

                    Another option to explore is the use of alerts after reload (tools > alerts) in your desktop.