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    selecting top location only????

    Monika Rumplerova


      i have a list of companie, every company has a list of locations and every location has a list of work related problems. how can i make a table showing a breakdown of work related problems selecting the location with most problems only? i can not hard code the name of location to the expression as this will change from company to company and also on monthly basis.

      i tried this: = only(if(aggr(Rank(Count(distinct incidentid)),ReportLocationName)=1,ProblemType)) but it will only give me the name of top location and when i try to implement it to the table, it comes up with error message that there is a problem in my expression.

      any ideas?


      ideally i would need something looking like this:


      Location with most problems for X company:


      problem1           9

      problem2           5

      problem3           3

      problem4           1