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    Calling several objects in document extensions



      I'm currently working on a project where I'm creating a document extension to manage a menu with 2 listboxes.


      Lisbox1 = Main menu

      Listbox2 = Sub menu


      As it's a menu we are managing, we prefer to use a document extension.


      We have done the necessary build for document extensions..


      But we're encountering difficulties with the Script.js - we cannot successfully call 2 objects (LB01 and LB02) with our script.

      Here below the content of the script:



      var mydoc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();
      var myObjLvl_1 = mydoc.GetObject("LB01"); // this is the first listbox on the document test.qvw
      //var myObjLvl_2 = mydoc.GetObject("LB02"); // this is the second listbox on the same document
      Qva.AddDocumentExtension('test', function(){



      This script successfully calls LB01. When I uncomment the call LB02, nothing works anymore!

      So my questions are:

           - why isn't it working?

           - in the Javascript API guide, I don't understand the explanations around the function GetObject


           - is there an equivalent for Qv.InitWorkBench function for document extension?


      Any help would be much appreciated.