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    Directory services not working

    Muhammad Irfan

      i have installed qv11 sr 1 on a server which has windows 2008 datacentre edition with sp1 now when i restart the server after re install its says 2 services down no.1 is QVWS and DSC. so i tried to reinstall intial release of QV11 but hot the same issue even though i deleted the Qliktech folder to install the intial release and yes the account i am installing from is a domain user and administrator on that server plus a member of qlikview administrator.

        • Directory services not working
          Nate Hallquist

          I have run into this problem in the past.  First, check to make sure you have License into entered.  Then, I would start by going into the Services Snap-in and finding the down services.  I would then right-click the stopped service, got to Properties and re-enter the QVService account info and password, then try restarting the Services.  If that doesn't work, try rebooting the server.  If you are still having problems after that, look in the Event Viewer and see if there is an Application Entry describing the issue and post it here.


          Good luck.

          • Directory services not working
            Ricardo gerhard

            When you say "reinstall", do you remove programdata\Qliktech and programfiles\Qlikview?

            I installed and didn´t have problems. Verifiy if service account is "local administrator".

            If you have Active Directory integration, verifiy your GPO.

            The Qlikview works in this scenario fine. This problem was occured because you have a specific configuration in your enviroment.

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                Muhammad Irfan

                ricardo by reinstall i mean i uninstall qlikview 11 sr1 then delete programdata\Qliktech folder and then restart the server then install qv 11 intial release and yes as i mentioned earlier account i am using is a domain user and member of both qlikview administrator and local administrator.

                can you elaborate about the point you mentioned that "verify your GPO" i know by GPO you mean Group policy.


                Trust me i have installed Qlikview on diffrent sites its the only problem with v11 so i had to install v10 sr4 on client side. and one more thing to add i did install the .net framework 4.0 which is the basic requirement to install qlikview.

                  • Directory services not working
                    Ricardo gerhard

                    I installed QV in the same enviroment yesterday and didn´t find problems. Can you test make this:

                    - Remove host to AD domain;

                    - Create another local user, and set local administrator;

                    - Install QV 11 with this user created;

                    - Restart Server and verify services;


                    If it is possible, copy files to the server and make this configuration without network connection.


                    I need to make sure that problem is in your enviroment.