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    Error: R6025 QV 11 SR1

      Hello All,


      A dashboard user recently experienced this error (repeatedly popping up over their browser window):


      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

      Runtime Error!

      Program C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

      R6025 - Pure virtual function call


      Reading the posts here there was an issue in QV9 SR2 although I'm using QV11 SR1. Has anyone else this problem and know of any fix or reasons why?


      The user was accessing the Dashboard using 'Full Browser' and no user activity was being done at the time of the error



        • Error: R6025 QV 11 SR1
          Nate Hallquist

          Is there only one user having this issue?  If so, it could be an issue with just that users browser.  I'm lead to this conclusion by the error message referencing iexplorer.exe.  A quick Google search of 'R6025 - Pure virtual function call" leads to articles from Microsoft regarding the fix, and an article that this is related to Malware.   Not sure which is more appropriate.

            • Error: R6025 QV 11 SR1

              So far yes Nate, just one person has reported the issue although it should be a standard installed which is replicated across the organisation. I've seen some threds around fixing individual browsers although I really wondered if this was a QV issue as it's only just occured since we moved to the latest version.

            • Error: R6025 QV 11 SR1
              Nate Hallquist

              I understand that QV was the latest change to the system, but this could be isolated to the user, especially since we have not seen any other users show the same error.  I reccommend trying to replicate the error on the same PC, then looking through the Event Viewer-> Applications log to see what those errors are.  I would then also look through the same logs on the server and see if QV registered any errors at the same time. 







              Please post what you find out.  I have never seen this error and am curious to its' resolution.

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                  Hi Nate,


                  Thanks for your response. This seems to be isolated as you originally thought. I am coming across more users with "Unexpected Error" although I can't replicate (I think an error was posed by Jason last year via an idea thread). I'll keep an eye on things and report back if I discover any more.

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                  Nate Hallquist

                  Just a thought, but when did you install version SR1?  I know that QT recalled that Service Release and then re-issued it.  Is it poissible that you installed the flawed version?  Maybe backing out release and re-installing would help.  Other than that, not sure.  If the users are getting IE errors, be sure to get your netowrk Admins involved as well.  They'll want to know.


                  keep us posted...

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                    Pasi Pakarinen

                    Hi Richard!


                    Have you found what causes this error? One of my clients has the exact same problem, and I'm also out of ideas how to fix this.




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                      I am having the same problem using QV 11.2 SR1 build 11718 for multiple users.


                      I also have issues where user sessions remain active as far as the server thinks, even though I've disabled the "Allow Sesion Recovery" thinking that was the case. (Meaning that if a user opens a document but then closes out of the browser, the server still shows them as having an active session for the document. Eventually I find the problem because the user can no longer open the document. Forcing me to have to reset the server process to clear what it thinks are the active connections.)


                      I wonder if these are somehow related.

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                        Margaret Clinton

                        I hit this error a few times this morning.  When I encountered it, I had a qvw opened locally, and I was trying to delete an object that hasn't loaded yet.  In my situation, it seemed a bit like a race condition.  The error did not occur when I let the chart load first.