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    Finding Minimim Date within a record

      I have several thousand records and there are three actions different our users can take and mark the date actioned in the relevant field in our core systems, and at least one of them needs to be done by a required date.


      I need to build a report that evaluates the three fields to establish if there are one or more dates then at least one or more of them are before the required date.


      I want to know that if Date A or Date B or Date C has a value in it, what is the minimum date of the entered ones.


      I have tried using the Min function but it looks at the database when I want to look in each record (and create a new field holding this minimum date or blank if no dates are entered).


      I have tried nested IF's with If Date A < Date B (using the output to create a new field) etc but it is unweildy and the blanks appear to confuse the calculation.


      In excel I simply use =min(DateA,DateB,DateC) in a new column.