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    Show relevant date in regular days


      Display the date in the table if the date is NOT a weekend (satur- and sunday) and NOT holiday in weekdays in the expressen screen.



      The date system should be based on Norway or Denmark




      How should I do it?


      The table and its data is below and it is based on timestamp.


      2011-11-10 12:12:122011-11-12 12:12:12
      2011-11-10 12:12:122011-11-11 08:12:12


      // JJ

        • Show relevant date in regular days
          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure if I fully understand your requirement or how you want to relate your Begin / End fields the date you want to display.


          To check for weekend, you could use weekday() function:



          Week day. Returns an integer between 0-6.


          weekday( '1971-10-30' ) returns 5.

          If the date format used does not correspond to the one set in your operating system, QlikView will not be able to make a correct interpretation. See above under day(date).


          I believe you need to load the holidays for your country from an external source, QV does not know any holidays by default. You can join a holiday table to your calendar and then do the check.