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    Load Script - create a new field in the script



      I'm not sure on the correct terminology but I would like to do the following.....


      I have a list of customer account numbers (User_Cust_Code)


      I would like to create a field which is basically customers in the group and customers not in the group.


      I can do this in the load script with:



      If(User_Cust_Code=101 or User_Cust_Code=102 or User_Cust_Code=103, 'Group' , 'Not Group' ) as Grouped_Users




      This is ok if I only have a small amount of customers that aren't going to change, but the group will be bigger and can change....


      SO!!! I would like to use a spreadsheet with a list of customer accounts in and use this instead of listing the accounts manually.


      Any ideas how to do this would be greatly appreciated.