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    Set Analysis Expression for Date range - Not working

      I have created a date filter (2 calendar controls) and I wanted to filter out the data in Pivot based on the date ranges


      Value for vStartDate & vEndDate can be obtained from the 2 calendar controls (the values are shown as numbers instead of Date format).


      When I issue the following, nothing is being displayed


      Sum({$<DateCol ={">=$(=Date(vStartDate)) <=$(=Date(vEndDate))"}>} Sales_Amount)


      but if I issue the below code, then the data is populating properly.


      Sum(IF(DateCol >= Date(vStartDate) and DateCol <= Date(vEndDate), Sales_Amount)


      I am new to QlikView and Set Analysis. I tried putting single quotes and double quotes, but nothing is coming.


      Please anyone help. Is expression case sensitive? (Here the case is correct only though)