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    Set Analysis Year To Date

      This is my first atempt with SET ANALYSIS and I have used the following formula successfully to obtain year to date value of VALUEFIELD where the fiscal year starts on January 1.



      sum({<YEARNOCAL={*}, PERIODNOCAL={*}, DATEFIELD = {"<=$(=date(max(DATEFIELD)))>=$(=date(max(yearstart(DATEFIELD))))"}>} VALUEFIELD)



      Our customers do not always have the fiscal year starting on January 1, e.g. Period 1 could start on October 1. I want to select the YEARNOCAL and PERIODNOCAL, e.g. 2009 period 2, and I want the set analysis to select data from the first date held where PERIODNOCAL = 1 the the last date for the selected PERIODNOCAL.


      I hope I have made my requirements clear. If not please let me know if anyone needs any further informaton.




        • Set Analysis Year To Date

          If the fiscal year does not begin on January, you need to use the yearname function to retrieve the exercice year.

          For example if the year is from July to June, then Yearname(MyDate,0,7)

          Where 7 is the first month of the exercice.

          When I run set analysis for Year to date i Have two set analysis: The first one is month <monthdate and Exercice = yearname(MyDate,0,X)

          I hope this will help.