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    displaying selected values or 'ALL' in a table

    Sonika Jain

      Hi all,  I am stuck in a scenario where I have a table like the one below.

      DIV1SEC2UTILITIESWater &   Electricity600000
      SEC3UTILITIESWater &   Electricity600000
      SEC4UTILITIESWater &   Electricity600000
      SEC6POSTAGEPostage &   Courier 1120000
      DIV2MAILPOSTAGEPostage &   Courier 1120000
      SEC1UTILITIESTelephones, Internet   & Satellite Services1040000
      SEC1UTILITIESWater &   Electricity600000
      DIV3SEC6SUBSCRIPTIONNewspapers &   Periodicals1050000
      DIV4DSXUTILITIESWater &   Electricity600000
      DIV5MANAGEMENTSUBSCRIPTIONNewspapers &   Periodicals1050000
      WEBSUBSCRIPTIONNewspapers &   Periodicals1050000
      DIV6MANAGEMENTSUBSCRIPTIONNewspapers &   Periodicals1050000


      Now , I want to display the values that are selected(highlighted in green) for Division, subdivision,category,description in the form of a table, and for the columns that are not been selected, it should display 'ALL'. I know that there is a 'current selections box' available in Qlikview, but that would display only the selected values, and not all of them(that too with text like 'ALL').


      For Example,when I select Division and subdivision , I should get something like the box below.

      Sub DivisionSEC2

      Please help me in implementing this.
      Thanks in advance.