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    Need Script: How to get weeks divided into months correctly?

    Subin Thomas

      I have a request were data is only having Week number. To associate it with calender i have taken a dummy calender and joined the week with the data's week Number.
      But the challenge is when we select a month say April 2012 it has week 18 lying in both April & May and the data is shown in both the months and so wrong values or the value is higher than expected.


      Is there any scirpt that you can help me with which would make the last week of a month to be for itself and not consider the same week for next month.


      I.e, April 2012 would have week 18 and May would start with week 19 and so on with all other months.

      And I want this to be dynamic and not hard coded as i have data for many years.


      Thanks in advance.