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    How can I filter by ranks?

    Jose Tos

      Hi everyone,


      I would to know how could I filter an expression in a chart by ranks of values.

      There is an option to choose different colours if the expression is more or less than a value so I want a similar thing but instead painting the colours, filtering by that rank of values to show me only that data that is the most relevant.

      Any ideas?? Thank´s!!


      Se aceptan respuestas en español, gracias




        • How can I filter by ranks?

          aggr(if(rank(Expression<=50,Dimension),Dimension) Using this as the dimension will return just 1-50 ranked dimensions based on the expression.



          I have used this that returns the top 50 customers per company based on their order amount

          =aggr(if(rank(sum([Order Amount]))<=50,Customer),Company,Customer)

            • Re: How can I filter by ranks?
              Jose Tos

              Hi marcsliving,


              I need to show the maximum and the minimum dynamically on the same chart. I´ve thought to do two entry boxes so the user could choose the maximum and the minimum and make an expression like this:


              Sum({<[SSTT kg] = {"(>=$(maximo))"},[SSTT kg]={"(<=$(minimo))"}>} [SSTT kg])


              But the syntax is incorrect, I don´t know how to do it.

              The next expression is working to show the values bigger than $(maximo) but with the other expression I`m getting only the values less than $(minimo) but no both of filters.


              Sum({<[SSTT kg] = {"(>=$(maximo))"}>}[SSTT kg]) //working


              Sum({<[SSTT kg] = {"(>=$(maximo))"},[SSTT kg]={"(<=$(minimo))"}>} [SSTT kg]) //only working second filter [SSTT kg]={"(<=$(minimo))"}


              Sorry about the confussion, this is filtering more than ranking.