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    Design ideas

    adi bb


      Hi all

      I need to make some kind of homepage/portal for all the models in my company

      This page includes a search, a table with details regarding all the QV models,

      i need some design ideas for this page any ideas template for nice QV designs???




        • Design ideas
          Steve Dark

          Hi there,


          Are you running QlikView 11?  The Access Point interface has been greatly improved at this release, with the ability to search for documents and meta-data to be input into the QMC.  It may be that this on its own will handle your requirements.


          If not, might I suggest building your menu in QlikView?  You can then have one QV document that people use as a start point and you can use associative search to find other documents.  You can use the image display in tables to provide thumbnails for documents etc..  I have done this in the past with some success - with the parent document showing number of rows and reload times for each of the child documents.  What you need to ensure though is that this document is aware of what documents each user has rights to - something that Access Point takes care of itself.


          Good luck!