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    Which performance is better?

    Hatus Peters

      Hello everybody


      I have a large application and my question is:


      Is it better to have 30 sheets with 2-3 Charts in each one


      Only one sheet with 60 Charts in it ?

           (For this option it's important to know, they are minimized and the visibility variable = 0.

           They are numbered from 0 - 60 and the variable vShowChart can also receive one number in this range.

           Only if you change the variable content you are able to see the chart.)


      Which one is theoreticaly better?


      Thank you in advance!

        • Which performance is better?
          jagan mohan rao appala



          If you hide a chart, Qlikview won't calculate the chart.  So, at most you are displaying only one chart.  So, if you are comfortable with show/hiding the chart it is ok to display all the charts in the same sheet.  Even if you create 30 sheets with 2-3 charts in each one, it is very difficult to navigate between these sheets.  You can show hide charts by using buttons grouped by functionality, I think this is better approach.  If possible instead of 30 sheets you can minimize it to 3 or 4 sheets would be better.


          Hope this helps you.