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    QlikView Performance Issue

      Hello All, we have a peculiar QV performance issue.


      We are running QV 10.4 in our production, test and development environments.


      Production Server specs:

      64 bit OS

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

      2 CPU quad core: Intel Xeon X5560, 2.8 GHz processor

      192 GB RAM


      Developer Workstation specs:

      64 bit OS

      Windows 7

      2 CPU quad core: Intel i7-2600, 3.4 GHz Processor

      16 GB RAM


      Building QlikMarts takes 2 to 3 times longer on the production server compared to the developer desktop. We benchmarked performance using a particular QlikMart. It takes 6 hours on the production server and 2 hours on the test server. We installed the QVS server on the developer workstation and still the same result.


      Any idea what could be causing slowness in creating QlikMarts in production class servers?



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          We have found that new workstations / desktops using i7 processors provide much better performance compared to older servers with Xeon processors.

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              Stefan Bäckstrand

              Nice find! This is actually something that's more important than many seem to believe. Focusing too much on CPU frequency/clock speed and/or socket/core count is just not enough. Processor generations, memory architecture and other hardware differences are very important to all take into account when benchmarking.


              /edit: Saw now that this was over a year old, I wonder why it showed up in my feed just now.. ?