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    How to include a variable value in Window Text

      I am relatively new to Qlikview.  I set up an classification filter based on a formula  =Year([ship date]).  Two problems-


      1) The drop down list gives me the 4 digit year.  However when I select a year (e.g. 2013), the current selections shows  33 out of 679 in the values column for this calculated field. Why doesn't it show 2013?  


      2) I would like the Window Title on one of the sheet objects to be a combination of words and the ship date year value.  I haven't been able to get it to work properly.


      Any help will be appreciated.




        • How to include a variable value in Window Text
          Stefan Wühl

          1) You are actually selecting in field [ship date], not in Year (well, there is no field), that's why it shows something like 33 of 679 and not a single value like 2013.

          You could add a year field to your data model and use this instead of the expression in your list box.


          2) Maybe

          ='Some words' & year([ship date])


          as expression for your caption text.