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    Publisher Issue on QV 11 SR1



      We recently upgraded our Publisher to version 11 SR1 (from 10 SR4).


      Following the publisher we started to experience a strange problem -

      The publisher starts a task, the model is being refreshed successfully then saved successfully, the QVB proccess is being released, but the task never stops running.

      By "never stops" I mean that it's indicated as running in the QMC.

      Aborting the task in the QMC doesn't help.

      The only thing that helps is resetting both both Qlikview Distribution Service and Qlikview Management Service.


      I tried to troubleshoot it, and found out that there's a new folder under QlikTech\DistributionService\ named "EDXResult".

      It seems that every task that runs logs itself in an XML file there. When the task is created it's has a "running" state in the XML, and the state is changed to "Completed" or "Failed" when it ends.

      However the XML file remain in the folder indefinitely, so after two weeks of running the server we already had 42000 files there, which made accessing the folder very slow.


      After manually deleting the files in the folder it seems that there is an improvement (It's only been one hour since I've done it, so I can't be sure, but it seems better now).

      So this leads me to suspect that the problem described above derives from the "EDXResults" folder getting overloaded and therefore the QMS can't update the XML file of the files to "Completed" after the run is finished.


      So my question is - Can this really be the cause of the problem?

      And if so, is there any solution (besides creating a daily task that will delete the files)?


      Thanks for reading my wall of text