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    Comments on Data Points

      Hi All,  I have been searching on the forum from long time about the Sticky notes on Data points in Line chart...or may be I may be searching it in wrong way....But I am stuck up with small issue.... Have attached a Qlikview application with this post/discussion....                                                                                          Q:- I have an dummy data in excel sheet been loaded in qlikview application attached below.  Columns 1. Date  2. Values  3. Comments I have to plot a Line chart with Month-year as Dimension and sum(Values) as Expression.  Right now i have one comment for each month and I am able to plot it very easily with the Sum(Values) as shown in chart.   FOR EX:- For JAN 2008 I have one comment "a" and it cna be displayed on the chart. but what if I have one more comment for JAN 2008 ..how can I show both the comments on chart along with SUM(Values) on data points.   Or if there is any other way  I can plot Multiple comments for each month on the data points in line chart. We are Using Qlikview Version 9. SR3 .... Can anybody please help me with this......???????????????                                                                          Thanks

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          jagan mohan rao appala


          Check attached file, hope this is what you required.




            • Comments on Data Points

              Hi Jagan                                                                                                                                                                          Thank for your help...                                                                                                                                              Need some more info.. what if i have two expressions and two comment fields each comment related to each expression .... How do I show that in Line chart... I would have loved to post the sample data but I dont have it as of now but can you please help me with it..??



              Thanks once again....