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    Shared Server Bookmarks & Document Bookmarks

      We have many applications on our Access Point and our users utilize bookmarks regularly. For most of our Applications when a user navigates to [Bookmarks > More > Shared Server Bookmarks] and selects a bookmark, they will see it in their bookmark menu under 'Document Bookmarks' when they access the application through the Access Point in the future (I believe the most recent 10 are kept as Document Bookmarks).


      This doesn't seem to be the case for our newest application. The bookmark creator can share the bookmark and other users can locate it in Shared Server Bookmarks as has been done in the past. The problem is that after a Shared Server Bookmark is selected, it doesn't show up in the Bookmarks dropdown under 'Document Bookmarks'. This means that a user will have to navigate to the Shared Server Bookmarks each time they want to utilize a specific bookmark. Is there a setting I can change so that after a user utilizes a Shared Server Bookmark, that bookmark is available under their Document Bookmarks the next time they login?





      A bit more info from the Qlikview V10 Reference Manual. (we are using V10)


      15.3 Bookmark Object Properties

      The Bookmark Object Properties dialog is opened by choosing Properties from the

      Object menu. If the Properties command is dimmed you probably don’t have the

      privileges needed to perform property changes (see page 85). When the desired properties

      are set, they can be implemented with the OK or Apply buttons. The OK button

      also closes the dialog, whereas the Apply button does not.


      -  -  - When I am in QV Desktop and I navigate to [Object > Properties] I get the properties of the current sheet or object select (as expected). I'm not sure how to get to the Bookmark Object Properties.


      Show My Bookmarks

      Mark this check box in order to display personal bookmarks in the

      bookmark object list of bookmarks. Personal bookmarks will be

      listed last with a divider separating the document bookmarks from

      the personal bookmarks.