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    Sum Total Wrong Amount

    Kelven NG

      I try to use expression to do my condition and after sum out my figure and found that the NewQty sum is not correct

      Hope that some one can help me on it.

      Many Thank



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               Hope the attached image file will have the solution for your problem.


               In table properties ---> Expression--> Total Mode ---> Select Sum of Row Total instead of Expression Total.





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              Kelven NG

              Thank Ashok for your reply,

              but what is the different if between Expresion and total mode?

              On my Total of QTY that is correct.

              And i found Qlikview don't allow me if i use expression as a field for doing my condition set.

              example for below, sample B and C is workable but the sample A will show me an error "bad fields name "Level""

              mean system not allow me to sum if "Level" is not a field. Any idea?

              sample A

              Sum(if(Level = 'A', (Qty)))



              Sample B

              if (Level = 'A', sum(Qty))


              Sample C

              sum(if(Item = 'A1',Qty,))