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    Sum(), Count() issue in chart

      I am facing a strange issue and I am unable to find the cause of it.


      I have a table which records the responses of many students to a set of questions and its with many rows..and am making a dashboard to analyse the count of each type of answers given by stsudents to questions.

      few of the rows are Question number, Question Text, Answer, Ans_Counter


      So many rows in the table gets loaded with null values.


      I load the table to QVW file. and in the qvw file, I create a table chart..pulling all fields from this table and display..to test, i export it to excel and give filters there in excel..select in question filter, question_no 23 (this has 4 possible answers--> good, fair, poor, very poor) ..that result in a set of rows..again i put the answer filter as 'good' and i get a count..the count of responses that are 'good' for question_no 23..lets say the count be C


      Now I create simple bar chart with Answer as the dimension and Count({<question_no='23'>}Answer)

      But here, the count shown for 'good' is not at all matching with C


      I thought it might be some issue with Count() fn, and I used a Ans_Counter to try out the same thing using sum(), as

      Sum({<question_no='23'>}Ans_Counter) But the count still doesnt match


      Anyone have any clue??